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I find this video very interesting. It is supposed to be a sarcastic video on how ridiculous it is to be politically correct for the sake of being politically correct. However, this video made me think of the purpose and philosophy of language. It is interesting that we use all these terms to describe people, and we directly associate these terms with certain definitions in our minds. It makes life easier to have commonly agreed definitions for terms, including terms for identities, in this world. 

In regards to all this political correctness happening in the United States these days, lots of people have a hard time juggling a new term to replace an old term with a certain definition they have in mind. I believe this is because language shapes our mind, and our mind justifies the use of language because of the ease and also the commonly agreed definitions associated with these terms. It is a circular route, and humans usually think in a straight line. Thus, it is very hard for people to get to the points they want to make when they have to replace terms they were used to with new terms that sound harmless for the sake of political correctness. This video is a clear demonstration of my point. 

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